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Theoretical and Computation Chemistry

To be a self-contained discipline, any discipline must fulfil two conditions: (1) it requires further development to make itself more powerful and (2) it must be able to produce tools to facilitate the development of other disciplines. Theoretical and Computation Chemistry is one such discipline. On the one hand, the concepts, principles and softwares developed by the theoretical chemistry community have boosted greatly the developments of chemistry, biology, materials and even physics. On the other hand, ever more efficient and accurate theories and methodologies need to be further discovered and implemented. Overall, like any other theoretical and computational discipline, theoretical and computation chemistry covers the following five levels of research: read more...

Bioactive Compunds in Foods: Impact on Human Health

Dr. Wuyang Huang received her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of Hong Kong. She has a post-doctorate from the University of Alberta, Canada. She is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Health Science at Institute of Agro-Product Processing, the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China. Her research interests include the functional properties of fruits and vegetables with a focus on the development of new functional foods. She has published numerous articles in high impact journals and participated in several international conferences. read more...